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Die Zeitschrift der berüchtigt Schönheit

The Journal of Infamous Beauty

23 March
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This is a private journal viewable by only a handful of close and trusted friends.
It documents the research and recreation of some of the most cherished, stunning, and even scandalous gowns in history. Many of these gowns and the women who wore them are seen in works of art that are as renowned as their subjects. As I finish a project I will try to recreate the painting, photograph, or even movie still it was originally captured by. Most of these gowns will be from anywhere between 1700 to 1910. Perhaps upward, even to the 1940s...It's a thought.

I will make public entries whenever a project is completed and I have photographs to post. That way, everyone may see my creations. I just like to keep the process more private, and the end result a surprise.
If you have been chosen by me as a friend on this journal, you will be able to read about all my projects from start to finish. I will also trust that you keep everything you read here to yourself and not share it with others outside the group.
If you add me and I don't add you back, do not be offended and please do not complain. I have every reason to keep this journal exclusive to those few I have chosen now, and may choose in the future.